SolidWorks Tutorials

Power Surfacing 101 (00:16:02)

In this series, we’ll be taking a look at the awesome new Sub-D Power Surfacing plug-in for SolidWorks and how it can be integrated into the traditional SolidWorks workflow.

Subwoofer Design Surfacing Series (03:06:22)

In this series, we’ll be working from a 2D sketch (that we'll supply) to start building surfaces that will become our 3D model. We'll also take a look at how to gather resources online that will prove to be extremely helpful for both this project and projects you may work on in the future.

Remote Control Design Series (03:12:16)

In this series, we’ll be working on a fictional remote control speaker system. Most importantly, we’re going to be emphasizing on looking at ways we can work with multiple people. From the engineering data to the graphic details, we’ll be taking a look at creating one sweet remote control!

Perfect G2 Pillowed Surface (00:17:04)

We’ve finally done it: a near-perfect 'pillowed' rectangular surface in SolidWorks.

Sheet Metal (00:22:37)

This rapid-paced series will get you on your way with getting started with sheet metal in SolidWorks.

Beginner: SolidWorks 101 2013 (00:35:08)

So you want to learn SolidWorks and don't know where to start?! Start here! In this series, we'll be going over the basics of the SolidWorks interface, how to navigate effectively, building two simple parts, and finally...putting our parts together in a functional assembly. Let's get started already!

Beginner: File Settings 101 (00:06:28)

Now that we have our feet wet and are on our way to becoming SolidWorks Ninjas, it's time to take a look at some document settings that we'll use to create our very own template to get the most out of our customized SolidWorks experience.

Intermediate: Classical Guitar (04:19:36)

In this series, we'll be using the 'master model' approach to build a fully-adjustable classical guitar.