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Faster, better, more funner-er.

Each video in the series builds on the ones before it. We avoid boring, repetitive tasks–except where it’s important to practice a skill–so fresh material in each video brings you one step closer to SolidWorks nirvana.


  • Overall

    • understanding the UI
    • assembly-based workflow
    • rapid ‘bottom-up’ design
    • build first, refine later
    • build good habits
  • Set up SolidWorks

    • document templates
    • system options
    • document properties
    • setting units
  • Assemblies

    • navigating the tree
    • working with components
    • insert New Component
    • transparency during edit
    • simple mates
  • Parts

    • hide/show bodies
    • virtual components
    • isolate
    • (see Features)
  • Sketches

    • hidden tools
    • basic shapes
    • constraints
    • delete constraints
    • external constraints
  • Drawings

    • default drawing templates
    • simple 3-view drawing
    • setting the line font
  • Features

    • Extruded Boss/Base
    • Revolved Boss/Base
    • Extruded Cut
    • Revolved Cut
    • Fillet
    • Radial Pattern
    • Split


Strap on your visor-gogs, it’s learnin’ time.

Part 1: Getting Started

Here we'll cover the basics of the SolidWorks interface, how to navigate efficiently, build two simple parts, and put those parts together in a functional assembly. Enough jibber-jabbin', let's make stuff.

Part 2: SolidWorks Setup

Now that we've seen what SolidWorks can do for us, let's take a step back and configure a few settings that will make our lives easier as we move forward.

Part 3: AMPY the Robot - camera

No boring control drawing exercises here! We'd rather get started by designing something on the fly. We'll start with the simplest shapes in SolidWorks: extrusions and revolves.

Part 4: AMPY - assembly

Too few designers take advantage of the power of assemblies in their design process. AMPY wants to change all that: if you want to work fast--really fast--you need to be using assemblies! Trust us, it's not as hard as you think.

Part 5: AMPY - quick buildout

The best part is that we don't even have to know what we're building before we build it! Lets throw out some quick shapes, hook 'em up, and work out the basic shape of our design.

Part 6: AMPY - wheels

It's all coming together! Let's add some detail. Feel free to experiment here. Flex those bulging SolidWorks glutes, it's all you, baby!

BONUS: AMPY - export

It's all done folks! But do we really want all that hard work to live within our monitor? NO! Let's take a look at how to export your file to other programs for manufacturing, additional CAD work, rendering, or for a juicy 3D print. Rock.