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Faster, better, more funner-er.

Each video in the series builds on the ones before it. We avoid boring, repetitive tasks–except where it’s important to practice a skill–so fresh material in each video brings you one step closer to SolidWorks nirvana.


  • Overall

    • understanding the UI
    • assembly-based workflow
    • rapid ‘bottom-up’ design
    • build first, refine later
    • build good habits
  • Set up SolidWorks

    • document templates
    • system options
    • document properties
    • setting units
  • Assemblies

    • navigating the tree
    • working with components
    • insert New Component
    • transparency during edit
    • simple mates
  • Parts

    • hide/show bodies
    • virtual components
    • isolate
    • (see Features)
  • Sketches

    • hidden tools
    • basic shapes
    • constraints
    • delete constraints
    • external constraints
  • Drawings

    • default drawing templates
    • simple 3-view drawing
    • setting the line font
  • Features

    • Extruded Boss/Base
    • Revolved Boss/Base
    • Extruded Cut
    • Revolved Cut
    • Fillet
    • Radial Pattern
    • Split


Strap on your visor-gogs, it’s learnin’ time.

Part 1: Getting Started

Here we'll cover the basics of the SolidWorks interface, how to navigate efficiently, build two simple parts, and put those parts together in a functional assembly. Enough jibber-jabbin', let's make stuff.

Part 2: SolidWorks Setup

Now that we've seen what SolidWorks can do for us, let's take a step back and configure a few settings that will make our lives easier as we move forward.







Part 6: AMPY - wheels

It's all coming together! Let's add some detail. Feel free to experiment here. Flex those bulging SolidWorks glutes, it's all you, baby!

BONUS: AMPY - export

It's all done folks! But do we really want all that hard work to live within our monitor? NO! Let's take a look at how to export your file to other programs for manufacturing, additional CAD work, rendering, or for a juicy 3D print. Rock.