Tip O’ the Horn 001: Display Modes as Analysis


Welcome to our first edition of Tip O’ the Horn! Here at cadjunkie, we’re proud to introduce our very first episode from Rhino Master and VFX Blaster Scott Schneider! In this episode, Scott will go over some quick techniques for analyzing your model on the fly for those ultra-intense speed-modeling sessions! In the next episode, we’ll be showing you how to create these render modes on your own!

new topics:

  • Why analyze on the fly?
  • Tips for setting up your render modes

More in this series:

About Simon Martin

Simon Martin is an industrial designer in Portland, OR. In addition to being an assistant editor for cadjunkie, he also works with Adam O'Hern and Josh Mings on the weekly podcast Engineer Vs Designer. Follow him on Twitter: @simonsaysdoit.