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Theory : Continuity (Part 4: Degradation)

So far we’ve been talking about Class A surfacing in terms of what the product will look like in the end. There will be situations where understanding the math involved will improve your output geometry. In this video we’ll take a deeper look at the mathematical components of Class A surfacing.

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Theory : Continuity (Part 1: Introduction)

The whole point of Class A surfacing is to create something that looks amazing. The goal of everything we’re going to talk about is to better understand surface continuity. In this video, we’ll go over a quick summary of what we’ll be talking about in this series and why it matters.

Applying for ID Positions 101

01 Jan, 2009 by Adam OHern in theory, Tutorials
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So you saw that flashy new job ad on Coroflot, and you’re all ready to apply. What do you do now? It wasn’t all that long ago that I was applying for my own first job, and I can well remember well how mysterious the whole thing seems at first. Who reads these things? What […]