Tip O’ the Horn 004: Barrel Rifling (Twisting)


In this episode we’ll take a look at a quick technique for creating barrel rifling for a gun design. By using a gun that was modeled for Men in Black III as an example, we’ll start from scratch and walk through the steps for creating a twist that we’ll Boolean from our barrel tube.

new topics:

  • Using Polar Array
  • Twisting geometry
  • Using Boolean to subtract geometry

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About Simon Martin

Simon Martin is an industrial designer in Portland, OR. In addition to being an assistant editor for cadjunkie, he also works with Adam O'Hern and Josh Mings on the weekly podcast Engineer Vs Designer. Follow him on Twitter: @simonsaysdoit.
  • chris swan

    Lovin’ these tutorials! Thanks for hooking up the nurbs crowd.

    • Scott Schneider

      Hi Chris,

      Your very welcome. Im so glad these are helping everyone understand the power of Rhino and nurbs modeling. Please let me know if you have any questions.