Tip O’ the Horn 003: Easy Shut Lines in Rhino


One of the great features in Rhino 5 is the ability to apply shut lines. Any adjacent surfaces that have a break between them (such as panels on a car or aircraft) are referred to as shut lines. In this video we’ll go over some quick tips for showing multiple iterations of panel break-ups in a non-destructive manner. By working this way, a designer is able to visualize multiple ways of breaking up a form without having to re-model the mesh for each design iteration. Sweet!

new topics:

  • What are shut lines and why do they matter?
  • Non-destructive edits on a model to show iterations of shut lines
  • Importing mesh to modo for final mock-up presentations

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About Simon Martin

Simon Martin is an industrial designer in Portland, OR. In addition to being an assistant editor for cadjunkie, he also works with Adam O'Hern and Josh Mings on the weekly podcast Engineer Vs Designer. Follow him on Twitter: @simonsaysdoit.
  • Pontus (designer in Japan)

    Very nice!
    Sad thing that you had to tell me this for me to know it.
    How could I miss this feature??