Cup o’ Joe Video 02: model the cup

The first step in rendering anything in modo is to “model” the geometry in the scene. modo is a fast and flexible modeler, and while it may take a bit of time to get used to the UI, you’ll quickly find that modeling in modo is a real pleasure.

If you’ve only just completed the introduction, I highly recommend giving it some time to sink in before attempting the tutorial. It will take some time to get used to the modo UI.

When you’re ready, follow the video step-by-step, pausing the video between each. Following along with today’s tutorial will be a bit challenging for a first-time 3D user, so don’t worry if it’s a challenge!

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  • Andrew Munro

    I tripped over at 7:26 when you scaled the 2 polys to start making the handle. Finally realized that it was because I needed my action center on “selection”. I think it’s off in modo by default. If you don’t have it on selection, and scale the Z axis to 0, things get ugly.

    • adam

      Hi Andrew!

      The default action center is ‘Automatic’, which should actually behave identically to ‘Selection’ mode in this particular circumstance. In both Automatic and Selection modes, the Action Center position is in the geometric center of the selection. The difference is that in Automatic mode, the Action Center *axis* is parallel to the Workplane axis, while in Selection mode it is parallel to the selection orientation.

      That’s a long way of saying that the operation to which you refer–provided that the handle is oriented parallel to the Workplane axis–should work identically in both modes.

      This is just a guess of course, but my suspicion is that perhaps you had set the Action Center to some other mode–knowingly or unknowingly–before the operation, and it wasn’t set to ‘Automatic’ as it should have been.


      • Andrew Munro

        Thanks Adam. You’re right, I think I changed it earlier :) I always get confused with action centers (and falloffs!)