Class-A Fading Crease

10 May, 2011 by Adam OHern in Premium, SolidWorks, Tutorials
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Today we’ll use SolidWorks to take a look at a classic Class-A automotive surfacing technique: the fading crease. This is the simplest version of the automotive crease–these things can get wicked complicated in practical application–but it’s an extremely versatile technique. In the future we’ll build on this knowledge.

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  • Christopher Peters

    So what if I want to run a fillet along the edge where the two surfaces meet?

    • adam

      You should be able to use the fillet tool, bearing in mind that a rolling-ball type fillet will disappear completely when the surfaces are tangent. An alternative might be a constant-width face fillet, or a good old fashioned sweep-a-tube-along-the-edge-trim-and-boundary-between manual fillet :)

  • Tim Park

    yay new solidworks vid!

    • adam

      There’s more where that came from!

  • Micr0

    Thanks for finally throwing a morsel to us old SW devotees. We though we’d completely lost you to the younger, sexier, Modo. Is there anything we should know about the magically appearing sketch 5 at 6:15 in the video?


    • adam

      Whoops! :) Little editing mistake there, sorry! It’s just a three-point arc.

      I haven’t forgotten about you, Micr0! There’s more on the way!



    Very useful!
    I love it!

    Thanks Adam