modo basics 01: Primitive Geometry


New to modo? This is a great place to start! Today we’ll be building a simple cityscape utilizing modo’s primitive geometry.

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Full video transcript available for premium members only.

About Adam OHern

Adam O'Hern is an industrial design consultant, designing products ranging from laptops to power tools, classroom toys to bathroom fixtures, and pro audio gear to guitar tuners. In 2008 he founded, and in 2010 co-founded EvD Media with Josh Mings of, and the two collaborate on the podcast.

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  • lgero

    Can I access the premium videos, being a pro member?

    • Adam

      Hi Igero,

      Yes indeed! Pro members have access to *everything* on the site!


  • Thomas Canny

    Very understandable beginning series, thanks. I’m new to Modo and I’m using the modo 501 Production Evaluation 30 day trail version. After I’ve completed several buildings modo really slows down. Is there a setting in preferences for memory I should be using ?

    • adam

      Hi Thomas!

      If your machine is slowing down with only a few simple buildings, there is a good chance something has gone horribly wrong :) Not to worry!

      When it starts running slowly, take a look at the little statistics in the bottom-right of your viewport. There will be a statistic called ‘GL: XXXX’. What’s that number?


  • krystal maughan

    this is sort of off topic, but do you have any info on micropoly displacement (mapping)? It’s a bit difficult to find coherent info on the net about it, and since it’s in the Shader Tree…

    • adam

      Ha, funny you should mention it! Lets just say it’s on the way ;)


  • jetsonjoe

    What about some tutorials for the Modo series…detailing issues with import and export…as we all know we would love more help with that…suggestion,from autocad, or dwf, dwg files and others, sketchup would be an awesome one…and other popular secondary software that is used a lot with modo…

    Also take a look at the guy who does MethodCast…you can find many of his videos on Vimeo…really good presentation…but deal specifically with architectural themes…another area that would be good…but yes I realize you are an industrial designer…just some suggestions..
    Like what you have done so far…Can you use Solidworks for architectural??

    • adam

      I’m not an architect or a specialist in architectural rendering, but I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for the suggestions!

      You certainly can use SolidWorks for architecture. I know of several people who do, but I’m not sure how wide-spread it is as an architectural tool. I think AutoCAD is still really prevalent in that industry.


  • Swuga

    Yeah Adam, thanks for the reply. The quality of the intro seems great, but it doesn’t show what you’re making for the rest of it. I know Modo pretty well and always looking for extra tips here and there, so I was just saying that it would be a good idea to have a screen grab at least or render of your final project so people could see what they are about to pay for.

    Good luck with the site. I have it bookmarked.

    Swuga — Sweet like Shuga

    • adam

      I hope you’re diggin’ the new post thumbnails. It’s been in the works for quite a while, but I thought of you when I was adding them! :)


    It is not simple setting up this webby.
    I wish you all the best in making new contents. :)

    • adam

      Haha, very true, very true. It’s been a long and difficult road, but we’re not done yet! There’s LOTS more to be done! Keep in touch!


  • Swuga

    Would be nice to see the results of what you’re teaching before buying… that way I can tell if it’s something I want to learn to create and at what quality you make it.

    • adam

      Great feedback, Swuga. This is all a work in progress. The intro video is free, and should give you a feel for the quality and pace of the videos. Eventually I hope to get more “sales” material on the site, but I’m too busy making new content!

      Good luck!